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Supply chain management’s goal is to maintain an uninterrupted flow of goods, from the collection of raw materials to manufacture to distribution of the final product. When it comes to managing all the moving parts, warehousing plays an important role in streamlining the supply chain.

Too many factors can interrupt your supply chain and delay final deliveries, which is why you should take extra care picking the right warehouse. If you take advantage of all that warehousing has to offer, you can improve your supply chain’s efficiency. Here’s how.

Warehouse Consultants

Our warehouse consultants have the right experience and skills to address all these matters,
and to do that we have developed a range of services:

Our warehouse consultants will spend time on site to understand the current processes, layout, systems, equipment, and resourcing.  We will walk through the processes in detail, for example goods in including new product procedures, stock checking etc.  Based on this we can assess the current warehouse’s storage capacity, throughput capacity and productivity performance.  We will make recommendations as to how capacity and productivity can be improved, process changes, recommend investments.

Working closely with the client and our analytical team, our warehouse consultants will analyse business data (such as product/parts master file, order line data, receipts data and stock data or DMS data) for peak and average periods.  The output of this will be a material flow analysis – a ‘day in the life’ of the warehouse operation, to which growth and other anticipated business changes are applied to reach a ‘planning base’.  The planning base is a year-by-year set of numbers on which the warehouse design will be based.

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